Louisiana Kids Matter

Our Promise to Louisiana’s Kids


Louisiana Kids Matter seeks to improve educational outcomes for all kids by advocating for policies that ensure students receive a high-quality education regardless of their zip code.



Students and their families deserve equitable access to high-quality educational options, opportunities and resources. We know parents, especially those in low-income communities, demand high-quality school options to serve the diverse needs of their children. We believe every child deserves access to educational excellence.


We cannot set our sights on only minor improvements to the edges of our education system, but rather on excellence for all. An excellent education will foster a vibrant economy, healthy communities and an engaged democracy. That means keeping our standards high, following effective and proven methods for instruction, giving all students access to the individualized attention they need, and aligning our efforts around nation-leading results.


We live in a data-rich world but, from our Capitol to our classrooms, data only makes a difference if it’s accessible, relevant and user-friendly. This is especially true when it comes to assessments of student learning. We must ensure students take relevant and effective assessments that give parents and teachers a clear picture of how well an individual student is learning.